A Note From Nathaniel


I was raised in rural Nova Scotia where I spent a lot of time reading books about drawing and painting. I spent countless hours drawing and painting as a child and teenager. I’ve drawn several hundred pictures in many different styles.


     As a teenager I won a few art contests, in fact, I won every art contest I’ve ever entered. My family couldn’t afford art school so, in my twenties, I began working as a cook, furniture mover, and eventually an electrician.


     After 12 years working as a construction electrician it became apparent that I needed to make big changes in my life for the good of my mental health. I was suffering from alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction, divorced, separated from my daughter, financially ruined by my addictions, and contemplating suicide almost every day.


In November 2018, I overcame my addictions in a 12 step program. Staying sober created a lot of free time for me. With the time I would have spent in addictive behaviours I began exploring new hobbies like piano, guitar, prayer, meditation, reading and writing. Eventually, I decided to revisit my childhood passion for drawing.


     I believe that, if we do what we're called to do, share our gifts with the world, working from a place of love and service to others, everything will work in our favour and we cannot fail, we will only overcome challenges. So, in March 2020 I purchased Charcoal, Chalk Pastels, Acrylic Paints and began relearning the skills I had forgotten. I was well received by the community who encouraged me to pursue art as a new path in life. Since then I’ve been working relentlessly on art, taking on commissions and learning the skills needed to develop this website, and earn the title of "professional artist". 

I create because I like the feeling I get when people compliment my work. That was my biggest motivation as a child. Now, having grown older, I create because I love the feeling I get when my art is given as a sentimental gift. I'd like to draw, paint or create something for you and your family and friends. If you have an idea that I can bring to life for you please contact me so I can make your vision a reality.


Another reason I create is because it's important to me to be an example of success for people of colour in the communities I was raised in. I hope that my life is a statement that people of colour are valuable, respectable, and that we have the ability to succeed and do positive things in our communities despite the ignorance and injustices of past generations.


Furthermore, my hope is that I'll use my artistic talent to raise awareness for social causes such as men's mental health, addictions, suicide prevention, and men's rights. Currently, my goal is to create an art installation that will show in galleries around Canada to open discussion around these issues and promote the Canadian Association for Equality and the Canadian Centre for Men and Families.

I owe thanks to the people who have supported and encouraged me on this journey. Your love and support saved my life and gave me the strength to change my life. I also thank anyone who supports me presently or in the future.