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About My Charcoal Drawings

This is my favourite medium. I use charcoal, erasers, blending stumps, tissue paper, and even makeup brushes to meticulously draw and shade as accurately as I can. I draw on high quality, acid free paper. Once the drawing is complete, I spray it with an artist's fixative that prevents smudging and provides UV protection so the drawings stay like new when they are hung up, even in sunny areas.

This method is great for drawing portraits.


About My Chalk Pastel Paintings

Chalk pastels are similar to charcoal with the advantage of adding colour. Using colour brings another dimension to the drawings. The right colour selection allows me to evoke emotion from the viewer that would be inaccessible with charcoal.


I use high quality, acid free paper to prevent fading and artists fixative spray to prevent smudging and provide UV protection to extend the life of these pieces.


I enjoy using white and grey chalk pastels on black paper to create a negative by drawing only the white light reflecting off an object.


This method is great for drawing ghostly images of animals like lions and wolves.


About My Acrylic Paintings

I use Gesso to prime the surface of high quality canvases, then I coat the canvas with a base layer of paint mixed with a medium to create a good bonding surface for my Liquitex acrylic paints. This process ensures that the paint will adhere to the canvas properly.


I mix my colours individually. I start with only 9 colours and mix them together to get the shades, hues, and values that I like.


Once the painting is complete, I let it dry for 3-7 days before applying three coats of varnish. The varnish protects the painting from UV light that would cause the paint to fade quickly.

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